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  • Opera House - Floating Frame Canvas Print - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Opera House

    $268.14$813.59 inc. GST

    The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. It has been photographed countless times since its construction started in 1958. It is its unique form that makes it so different and remarkable. There are few buildings, if any, that serves to define a nation’s identity, as much as the…

  • Nudgee Beach Floating Canvas Print - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Nudgee Beach

    $268.14$813.59 inc. GST

    The sun rises over Nudgee Beach in Brisbane as a local takes their dog for a walk.

  • Mannequin - Floating Framed Canvas - White - Image by Michael Lees


    $268.14$813.59 inc. GST

    Mannequins in a shop window create hunting, but strangely fascinating figures.

  • Cypress Street Store | White frame - Image by Michael Lees

    Cypress Street Store | Hervey Bay

    $268.14$813.59 inc. GST

    The corner store is becoming an increasingly rare sight, due to competition from big supermarkets. Unfortunately shortly after this image was taken the Cypress street store closed its doors for good.

  • Changing times Floating Canvas - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Changing Times

    $268.14$813.59 inc. GST

    Hervey Bay in Queensland was, at one time, a quiet rural farming community where sugar cane was the main source of income. These days Hervey Bay is a thriving tourist destination, with people coming from all over the world to see the Whales that make the bay their home every year. Slowly, the farmland is…

  • A place to talk - Floating Canvas - White Frame

    A Place To Talk

    $268.14$813.59 inc. GST

    Two children, deep in conversation, sit at the end of a pier in Hervey Bay.