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  • A Nation Built From Courage and Sacrifice - Framed Canvas - White

    A Nation Built From Courage and Sacrifice

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    It is easy to forget when we go about our daily lives, that the freedoms we enjoy have been built on the courage and sacrifice of others. This view of the Melbourne skyline from the Shrine Of Remembrance shows a person paying their respects at the Cenotaph and Eternal Flame. On the right, a soldier can be seen raising the Australian flag.

  • Aquae Sulis - Framed Canvas - White

    Aquae Sulis

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    A lone child, standing as still as a rock can be seen amidst the moving people and water around him. This image was exposed over 13 seconds and was captured at the annual Paddle Out For Whales held in Hervey Bay, Queensland. To me, the ethereal nature of the image perfectly captures the magic of childhood and the beauty of the world around us, if we only stop for a moment and take time to look.

  • Sky Tower From Auckland Harbour Bridge - Framed Canvas - White

    Sky Tower From Auckland Harbour Bridge

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    It is always difficult to photograph iconic landmarks like the Sky Tower or Auckland Harbour Bridge when they have already been photographed so many times before. I never want to knowingly repeat what others have done. In this image, I went to the very end of the Auckland Harbour bridge where it just starts its journey over the water. Most photographers would probably choose not to go so close to the bridge as you don’t get an overall impression of the bridge itself, but I thought that this would give a unique perspective of Auckland city and the Sky Tower.

    It was the middle of the day when I took the image. I usually prefer to shoot at dawn or dusk but on this occasion, I did not have a choice. Strong harsh shadows are not usually a photographer’s friend, but I used them to highlight the rigid structure of the bridge and contrasted it by using a “big stopper” filter to stop almost all the light from reaching the camera’s sensor. This ensured that the exposure took 20 seconds and gave the ocean a soft velvet appearance. I framed the tower between the arches of the bridge.

  • e Rocks - Canvas - White Frame

    Rocking The Rocks

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    An unknown musician practices his guitar on the edge of the water of ‘The Rocks’ in Sydney. With just the ocean for his audience, perhaps his location, one of the most recognizable in the world, provides inspiration. Who knows, we may one day see him across the water, at the Sydney Opera House.

  • The Old Lifeboat Station – Tenby, Wales

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    This beautiful image of a lifeboat station that has been converted into a home was shot at dawn on a winter’s morning in Tenby, Wales. To find out more visit:

  • Urangan Pier

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    This image of Urangan Pier won a silver award at the AIPP 2014 Australian Professional Awards. Shot at sunrise over a 45 second period, the water of Hervey Bay blends beautifully to match the colour and texture of the underside of the Pier.

  • The Planets Align White Framed Canvas Print | Image by Michael Lees

    The Planets Align

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    On a cold morning in Hervey Bay, Queensland the planets Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury align as the moon lights up Urangan Pier.

  • Red Rock

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    A young man watches the sunset over Surfers Paradise as a plane bringing new visitors to the area makes its final approach.

  • Racing The Dragon - Floating Frame Canvas Print - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Racing The Dragon

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    This beautiful image captures some of the teams competing in the annual dragon boat races held in Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Paddle Out For Whales – Kids

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    The people of Hervey Bay, Queensland, gather in their hundreds each year for the annual Paddle Out For Whales. Forming a human raft in the ocean. Those too young to take part wait on the beach for their parents to return.

  • Opera House - Floating Frame Canvas Print - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Opera House

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    The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. It has been photographed countless times since its construction started in 1958. It is its unique form that makes it so different and remarkable. There are few buildings, if any, that serves to define a nation’s identity, as much as the…

  • Nudgee Beach Floating Canvas Print - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Nudgee Beach

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    The sun rises over Nudgee Beach in Brisbane as a local takes their dog for a walk.