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Touched by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, Hervey Bay, nestled on the east coast of Queensland, is the place I call home. It is both friendly and relaxing and the perfect place to unwind from the stresses of modern life. Wether you are strolling along the 14Kms of beaches or enjoying fish and chips along the esplanade, you are sure to fall in love with the place. I try to capture a different a different perspective of this idilic wonderland in my imagery. Staying away from the cliche photos of Whales and instead showing a side of the bay which is the place I recognise as Hervey Bay.

  • Aquae Sulis - Framed Canvas - White

    Aquae Sulis

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    A lone child, standing as still as a rock can be seen amidst the moving people and water around him. This image was exposed over 13 seconds and was captured at the annual Paddle Out For Whales held in Hervey Bay, Queensland. To me, the ethereal nature of the image perfectly captures the magic of childhood and the beauty of the world around us, if we only stop for a moment and take time to look.

  • Urangan Pier

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    This image of Urangan Pier won a silver award at the AIPP 2014 Australian Professional Awards. Shot at sunrise over a 45 second period, the water of Hervey Bay blends beautifully to match the colour and texture of the underside of the Pier.

  • Paddle Out For Whales – Kids

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    The people of Hervey Bay, Queensland, gather in their hundreds each year for the annual Paddle Out For Whales. Forming a human raft in the ocean. Those too young to take part wait on the beach for their parents to return.

  • Cypress Street Store | White frame - Image by Michael Lees

    Cypress Street Store | Hervey Bay

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    The corner store is becoming an increasingly rare sight, due to competition from big supermarkets. Unfortunately shortly after this image was taken the Cypress street store closed its doors for good.

  • Changing times Floating Canvas - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Changing Times

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    Hervey Bay in Queensland was, at one time, a quiet rural farming community where sugar cane was the main source of income. These days Hervey Bay is a thriving tourist destination, with people coming from all over the world to see the Whales that make the bay their home every year. Slowly, the farmland is…

  • A place to talk - Floating Canvas - White Frame

    A Place To Talk

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    Two children, deep in conversation, sit at the end of a pier in Hervey Bay.