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  • The Old Lifeboat Station – Tenby, Wales

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    This beautiful image of a lifeboat station that has been converted into a home was shot at dawn on a winter’s morning in Tenby, Wales. To find out more visit:

  • Urangan Pier

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    This image of Urangan Pier won a silver award at the AIPP 2014 Australian Professional Awards. Shot at sunrise over a 45 second period, the water of Hervey Bay blends beautifully to match the colour and texture of the underside of the Pier.

  • The Planets Align White Framed Canvas Print | Image by Michael Lees

    The Planets Align

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    On a cold morning in Hervey Bay, Queensland the planets Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury align as the moon lights up Urangan Pier.

  • Red Rock

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    A young man watches the sunset over Surfers Paradise as a plane bringing new visitors to the area makes its final approach.

  • Paddle Out For Whales – Kids

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    The people of Hervey Bay, Queensland, gather in their hundreds each year for the annual Paddle Out For Whales. Forming a human raft in the ocean. Those too young to take part wait on the beach for their parents to return.

  • Nudgee Beach Floating Canvas Print - White | Image by Michael Lees

    Nudgee Beach

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    The sun rises over Nudgee Beach in Brisbane as a local takes their dog for a walk.