• Pelican Waters - Oak Framed Metal PrintPelican Waters - Oak Framed Metal Print - Room View

    Pelican Waters | Premium Framed Canvas Print | Ready To Hang Wall Art

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    This original photograph by Michael Lees is printed in Queensland Australia by a master printer using the world’s best 450gsm archival canvas. We do not print onto paper, unlike most photographers, because paper has a number of problems. It is fragile, easily marked, susceptible to humidity, and does not age well. Our canvas solves all these problems and we estimate it will still look as good as the day you bought it a lifetime from now.

    The museum-grade canvas is infused with archival quality pigment inks and sprayed with a protective coating to reduce damage from UV light or touching the print. It is left to dry for 3 days before it is stretched by hand over a hand-cut, double-profile hardwood (not pine) support frame. We will then place a ‘floating’ frame around the canvas to present the work beautifully. There is no need for glass protection, meaning you get a clear and unobstructed view of the work with no reflections or glare. You get to see the work how Michael intended it to be viewed.